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I wish that when I started I knew about this program

Hello, I just wanted to start off with WOW! I’m truly blown away with what Stone has created here.

The whole concept is absolutely great! I wish that when I started I knew about this program because I too have gone through all the same mistakes and believe me it wasn’t cheap! Now I’m thinking of it as a learning experience and moving forward with the Plug-In Profit Site that Stone and Pat built for me, along with all the training and techniques he’s teaching me.

The value of all of this put together is simply unmatchable by anything I’ve come across in the last (almost) four years online learning this business! If you’re just getting started your right where you need to be!

The website was put together in less than 24 hours (for FREE, actually FREE!) with literally everything ready to go, all you need to do it create your first blog post! So far Stone’s a man of his word (which I really appreciate)!

One thing stuck out to me towards the end of Day #1 is when he says you don’t have to worry yourself about opening every email from all the affiliate networks we joined, because you really don’t! When I got started I did just that.

I opened all emails from anyone related to what I was doing and felt like I needed or was supposed to buy the product offered to me because they said I would get things done much quicker or it would save months of work or whatever their hook was. By then I had so many products that I needed to learn how to use on top of learning how to build a website… Needless to say my head was spinning out of control with information (info overload)! So please just don’t feel the need to learn and buy products from all of these affiliate networks. You’ll go broke trying to keep up and you’ll never get anything done!

Thanks so much Stone for doing all of this for us! And once again, WOW!

Your new friend,
Aaron Duncklee

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Best Home Business Reviews
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