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Simple, straight forward and honest

What do I like about the Plug-In Profit Site program: Simple, straight forward and honest. Not once did I feel pressured to buy something.

No promises of unimaginable wealth was given, only proof of actual success (It showed current figures which I have not seen on other programs or systems.) The help desk actually works! Thanks Pat! You are awesome!

But the thing I like the most so far is Stone Evans. One can see this is a person that has been around the block a few times. He understands the importance of trust and knows the fears of someone that is new to this type of business. I’m on day one and was never this excited about a project until now!

Stone made a very good suggestion that I post my 30 Days to Success progress on my site as well, I’m going to do just that. Keep track as they say.

Stone and Pat, thanks for everything up to date!

Drikus Rensburg

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Best Home Business Reviews
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